Orange Charger's Platform Explained

We've combined an energy meter, access control, internet connectivity, and a simple to use software platform all into one package.

Orange mobile app electric vehicle charging history screen.

Orange Software Features

Add Electric Vehicle Charging Quickly

Orange's complete solution was designed from the ground up to make it easier and more cost effective to offer electric vehicle charging.

Tracking Energy Cost

We've built a platform that makes it easier to get reimbursed for electricity used by tenants on any type of property. Each device individually tracks user's energy consumption and electricity cost for automatic monthly reimbursement.

The Command Center

Manage a collection of Orange charging products across all properties from your phone. Even receive maintenance or support on any issues with just the press of a button.

Add Long Term Value.

It's clear that the direction of transportation is electric, future-proof your property and attract new tenants who value convenient charging where they live.

Simple Installation

Outlets are easy to install while providing access to electricity for transportation. Use spare capacity and existing outlets to make charging easier for everyone.

No long term contract

  • Install Outlets and never worry about long term recurring fees
  • Easily offer charging to more people
  • Integrates with all your favorite tools