Orange Outlet

Orange Outlet is a simple way to provide controllable access to electricity for Electric Vehicles.

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Orange Charging Solutions

We want to make charging solutions scalable and readily accessible so we built something a bit different.

Easy Access to Electricity

Orange Outlet was designed to cost effectively increase access to charging and provide an interface between the sources, user, and utility owner. We found that not having a reliable & convenient place to charge was deterring EV ownership. Orange Outlet is the best option to provide more access to electricity for transportation per dollar spent than any other solution.

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Safety First

Orange's top priorities are designing, testing, validating and iterating on Orange Outlet to make sure it exceeds our personal safety requirements. We also exceed UL requirements.
Intertek Recognized Component Certification Logo.
Passed all UL test requirements
Listing Number 502067
Features Included
  • Easy to see device status
  • Highly accurate energy monitoring
  • Automatic safety features
  • Real-time alerts

Tech Specs


NEMA 5-20

NEMA 6-20

Standard Voltage

120 V

240 V

Max Voltage

280 V

280 V

Max Current

20 A

20 A

Standard Current

16 A

16 A

Max Power

1.8 kWh

4.8 kWh

Mile Added Per Hour




WiFi or Cellular

WiFi or Cellular




Unit Cost



* This is based on Tesla Model 3 charging rates

Easy Management
with Orange App

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Orange’s intelligent app software platform makes it easy to setup management and troubleshoot any issues with Orange Outlets directly through your phone. From account set up to charging maintenance, you can rely on Orange.

Orange mobile app in someones hand being used.

The Orange Advantage

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Front picture of Orange Outlet NEMA 6-20