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A smart outlet capable of tracking energy consumption. It works flawlessly with Orange Payment Platform and Software Suite to automate payments and energy tracking.

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It's an Outlet

We created an internet connected smart Outlet to bring access to electricity to parking spots at every multi unit property imaginable; and accelerate the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV).

If you own a property that has renters, an HOA, employees, or a transit center, Orange Outlet's are 5x cheaper to install and operate than any standard level 2 wall charger. With that it's easier to scale with the panel capacity you already have often avoiding costly panel upgrades.

What people really need is access to electricity where they park overnight to confidently own and EV.

Increase the value of any property by adding charging and get ahead of the electric mobility revolution.

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Automate Data Collection

After learning how many properties manually track energy cost today we realized there was a massive need for automation.

Orange Outlet is a smart energy meter so that you can track the real time use of electricity by individual users. Each Outlet is calibrated in our factory to have less than 1% measurement error. Data is automatically sent to the cloud and using our Orange Software Platform the total energy cost are calculated based on retail energy prices for that specific property.

At the end of each month all drivers are charged for the energy cost and the cost owed to the property is automatically transferred to their bank account.

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Orange Charging Solutions

We want to make charging solutions scalable and readily accessible so we built something a bit different.

Outlet's Ground Up Engineering

Most EV drivers today use Outlets to Charge, from the highest power NEMA 14-50 to a standard household NEMA 515. Our data showed that 51% of current electric vehicle drivers charge on a level one 120V outlet, so we decided that it was also the best scalable solution for Multi Unit Properties too. 

No Cables to Break or Tangel

One of the main concerns for property owners was cable management and ongoing maintenance. By being just and Outlet, drivers can use the mobile adapters that comes with every EV, and property owners have one less thing to maintain.

Build To Last

These outlets were designed to last, we designed and tested our own metal contacts to insure they will last for thousands of plug cycles.

Safety First

Orange Outlet meets or exceeds UL915 and UL458 and has been certified and listed by Intertek. But that was not enough for Orange, we monitor current, temperatures, and check ground faults to maximize safety.

Intertek 5020674

Outlet Technical Specification

There are four variation to Orange Outlets based on Power and Connectivity.

NEMA 5-20

Standard Voltage
120 Volts
Active Energy
1.92 kW
Continuous Current
16 Amps
Miles Added Per Hour
5 mph*
Connectivity Options
Cellular or WiFi
Network Capability
Bluetooth Mesh Between Outlets
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NEMA 6-20

Standard Voltage
240 Volts
Active Energy
3.84 kW
Continuous Current
16 Amps
Miles Added Per Hour
15 mph*
Connectivity Options
Cellular or WiFi + BLE Mesh
Network Capability
Bluetooth Mesh Between Outlets
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*Based on Tesla Model 3

Manage Everything from an App

All Orange Outlets are easy to mange from a smartphone using Orange Charger's Mobile App. You can start a charge session, manage payments, get paid back,  monitor cost, and commission new devices to a property  all from our mobile application. Compatible with IOS and Android.

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Technical Documents

What most people don't realize is the AC/DC charger is in the vehicle. So all a level 2 charger is is a fancy cable with a pilot signal to tell that charge in the car how much current it can accept. By being an outlet you save money on unnecessary equipment and make plugging in anywhere a reality for more EV drivers!  You don't have worry about electric vehicle connector differences between companies because an outlet is truly future proof in ever evolving e-Mobility technology sector.

Want to Learn now to install an Outlet; or want more details on the product; follow the links below and become an expert on how everything works.
User Manual
The definitive place to find all the technical information about Orange Outlet's. Including Install instructions, and error codes.

While we love datasheets, sometimes things happen that we never could have expected. So we created documentations  that is update constantly based o customer feedback.

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