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Better Margins

Earn more on hardware sales, while gaining access to the software support you need to be successful.

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Use Orange hardware or other OPCC compatible hardware with our software to create an installer advantage.

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Better service & support

We soon will have a team of Orange customer success representatives to help insure happy customers and support your growth.

Join our installer network and bring electric vehicle charging to people's homes, apartments, hotels, and workplaces.

Become a Turnkey Installer

Are you an electrician or value-added reseller (VAR) that offers EV charging solutions to your end customers? Join the Orange turnkey partners across North America that complete thousands of EV charger installs each year. Unlike other OEMs and distributors, O never bids against our turnkey partners: we are here to help you grow your business by winning as many deals and RFPs as possible.

When it comes to EV charging, the overhead of managing inventory, pricing, and educating customers is time-consuming and can be a barrier toward higher profit margins.

Since your customers trust you for all things electrical, you will be the first point of contact when they consider EV charging. Be prepared by expanding your offering with Orange's hardware and software platform.

Benefits of 🍊

  • Position yourself in a fast-growing market
  • Establish a new source of revenue
  • Benefit from Orange's marketing materials that help drive sales
  • Receive ongoing updates on new EV chargers and pricing
  • Be supported by our knowledgeable team every step of the way

Who qualifies

  • General contractors and certified C-10 electricians
  • Parking management operators
  • Facilities management companies
  • Engineering consultants
  • Architecture firms
  • Electrical wholesalers
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Why Join Orange's EV Installer Network

Imagine a world today without gas stations - impossible. America's fueling network has been developed over decades as adoption of the automobile happened. That same adaption of electric vehicles is happening much quicker, with drivers that expect that same quality of fueling options. Our mission together is to make that happen.

  • Electric vehicle growth is booming, with 7.6M expected to be on US roads by 2025 and 25.2M by 2030.
  • Electrical infrastructure and charging ports are playing catch-up to match electric vehicle sales growth - in California, EV adoption is outpacing charger deployment in some cities.
  • Orange's goal is to deploy as many charge ports into multi-unit properties and shared spaces as possible. A vast effort with skilled and qualified electricians will be required to reach this goal.
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