Orange Charging Solutions

The Orange Advantage

Question 1

How much do Orange Outlets cost to install?

Shortly after the initial order, an Orange specialist will contact you and set up an assessment to help figure out how many chargers you can install and costs estimates. They will also setup on-site inspection with a certified electrician to get a formal installation quote.

Question 2

How does the money back guarantee work?

All initial payments are backed with a 100% money back guarantee. If you decide after the initial consultation or quote that you don't want to proceed, we refund 100% of the initial purchase.

Question 3

How does Orange Outlet work?

Each Orange charging product contains an energy grade meter that tracks electricity usage. When an electric vehicle user unlocks to charge, we connect their energy usage with the local energy providers current cost ($kWh) so that the user can pay for the session and the property owner can be reimbursed. Monthly energy usage on the property is aggregated for reporting and monthly reimbursement
We then calculate all energy used on the property that month and directly deposit it into the bank account.

Question 4

What stage is the product?

Orange Outlet started shipping to early pre orders a few months ago, we have passed all UL testing and are waiting on our next batch or parts to build more. Basically Orange Outlets are ready for your next charging project! 

Question 5

Are there recurring fees for property owners? 

Orange does NOT charge any monthly fees to the property to have Orange Chargers hardware on site. You only pay the upfront install and hardware cost.