Orange Saves Time and Money

Orange saves our customers countless hours and thousands of dollars on EV charging installs by creating a solution specifically made for apartments and condos.

Skyscraper construction

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Mid-sized apartment complex

How Orange Helps Buildings Turn a Profit While Still Being Fair to Drivers

Orange like many other companies allows property owners to mark up the cost of electricity. Unlike other companies, Orange works directly with property owners to ensure that pricing is still fair and that they can get a return on their investment.

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Case Study:
Mid-Sized Community
We work with properties large and small, owned and rented. We worked with one mid-sized community to ensure they're set for the foreseeable future.
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Case Study :
Large Apartment
Check out how we brought 30 additional charging stations to this property all while keeping their existing stations.
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Parking Garage
White Paper:
10,000 Cycles
Every wonder how long EV chargers last? Well ours is rated for 10,000 cycles meaning it can last well over a decade of constant use!
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Orange is Affordable Even Without Incentives
Incentive money can be tempting, but Orange was designed to be affordable with or without incentive money and our competition just can't compete.
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Orange Brings Apartment Dwellers Access to EV Charging

"Orange has helped us install hundreds of charging stations, many in properties where it was thought too expensive to be feasible."

Phillip Kobernick

Programs Manager, Transportation Peninsula Clean Energy