Meet the Team Creating Better EV Charging Access

Nicholas Johnsons Headshot

Nicholas Johnson

A repeat entrepreneur focused on complex technology innovation in the energy sector and electric vehicles. Nicholas has worked on energy storage projects for Africa and worked on electrical designs for Tesla’s Model 3. He holds a BS from CSU Chico in electrical engineering and computer science. He’s passionate about the future of true sustainable energy.


Jon Thomas' Headshot

Jon Thomas

Jon has always been fascinated with the intersection of design and manufacturing.  An early love for cars lead to the study of mechanical engineering and energy, where the global impacts of the technology we enjoy are studied and quantified. Transitioning between roles at the automotive giant BMW and the earth shaker Tesla has reinforced the mission that change isn’t only possible but also necessary.


Investors and Advisors Helping Orange Blossom

Martin's Headshot
Martin Eberhard

Co-founder of Tesla. Now a serial entrepreneur in battery technology

Marc T's Headshot
Marc Tarpenning

Co-founder of Tesla, he now  invest into more environmentally impactful companies at

Sven Thesen's Picture
Sven Thesen

Partial Nobel Prize winner under Al Gore for climate change research

Marc Geller Headshot
Marc Geller

Expert in clean energy and electric vehicles

Arash's Picture
Arash Keshmirian

A serial entrepreneur developing mobile indie games

Jonathan Crowder's Headshot
Jonathan Crowder

Partner at Intelis Capital