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The most anticipated cars of 2022 are all fully electric!

2022 is the Year of EV Options 

Date Created:
Dec 31, 2021
Date Last Updated:
Dec 31, 2021
A list of 2022's fully electric vehicles we at Orange are excited to get our hands on and see more people driving as production ramps up and more options enter the market next year.

2022 is the Year of EV Options

Automakers spent 2021 making significant reveals of new fully electric vehicles lineups and goals to reduce emission and catapult them into the electric vehicle revolution. Last year was an inflection point with decades of research and development paying off as more EV’s readied for market arrival than ever before in modern history. Here's Orange's list of electric vehicles arriving on dealer lots in 2022 that excite us most.

Tesla Roadster

We can thank the decades of hard work from Tesla, which currently makes up ⅔ of all EV's on the road today and is quickly completing Giga Texas, Berlin to increase production and bring down the cost of the Model 3/Y while rolling out a few promised additions. When Model 3 was launched, you could get a free Tesla Roadster if 100 people used your referral code to buy any Tesla at the time. This promotion has now ended with about 80-120 people expecting one or more free roasters. With a sticker price of $225k and following this year's Model S Plaid's 0-60 of 2 seconds, it's expected to be one of the fastest accelerating sports cars ever sold to the masses and might even get air rockets to give you some liftoff. This massive hype and referral program helped thousands of people join the EV revolution and rewarded many more for selling the Hype and therefore is the most emancipated EV expected to ship this time next year.

Ford F-150 Lightning

Maybe the most important EV of 2022, the f-150 is the best selling vehicle in the United States, with millions of people relaxing on these vehicles for work and commercial applications. We expect the purse for electrification in fleets to make this one of the fastest-selling EVs once Ford begins shipping to customers. With some unique features and prototypes already making rounds on the internet and reviews claiming capabilities yet to be achieved by all other automakers. We are excited to get behind the wheel in 2022 and see millions of these fill the streets.

Volvo Recharge

The Volvo Recharge is Volvo's latest entry into the EV market. Practical and efficient, with Volvo's reputation for safety, we expect the Recharge to be one of the hottest selling EV's in 2022. It might not look like a performance vehicle but boost a 0- 60 mph in about 3 seconds, making it our favorite Volvo sleepers to date. Volvo has always been great for those with minimal taste and family safety in mind. By 2030, Volvo will "phase out any car in its global portfolio with an internal combustion engine, including hybrids," the company said in its statement this year. The electrification strategy reflects Volvo's ties to China and is excited for. I hope they bring back those electric blue hot hatchbacks in their new approach.

BMW iX xDrive50

BMW has a reputation for building some of the highest-performing vehicles on the planet. They also have had some great Ev's to date, with the Id3 and 1 series ActiveE back in 2013. BMW is bringing their years of R&D and performance to the SUV in 2022. Little is known about BMW's EV strategy, but they will bring their heritage and performance forward with their electrifications.    

Lucid Air Pure

Lucid has been building quite a bit of Hype after raising mountains of money and releasing some breathtaking vehicles. Lucid has started production in 2021 and is expected to begin shipping to those who pre-ordered these luxury sedans in early 2022. Their Arizona factory has been years in the making, with the CEO working on the original Model S production in 2012; we expect great things from this expensive sedan. We've seen a few prototypes driving around the bay area the last year and months and think for the right buyer to propel itself into the world of luxury.

Kia Niro

The Kia Kona is already an excellent EV for many, and over the last year, he has helped many owners recharge at their apartments. With this new update to the Kia line, we're excited to see Kia doubling down on their electric vehicles. Starting at $39k, the Kia Niro is expected to be an affordable entry for many people into driving fully electric.

Rivian R1S

Rivain broke the stock market this last year, becoming the third most valuable automaker having no revenue, and only shipping products to employees to date. After decades of hard work, partnerships, and pivots, CEO RJ Scaringe, once an unknown founder, has become the coolest CEO after Elon. Having driven an RT1, 'we're excited for these Range Rover-like additions to the electric vehicle market.

Hyundai IONIQ5

Hyundai has been working hard to brand itself over the last decade and become a known brand for affordable reliability and quality. IONIQ5. Hyundai has come out swinging with an edgy, modern visual aesthetic applied to an incredibly flat body shape. Hyundai has managed to make an extraordinarily dull and standard hatchback into a thing of beauty. The fact that it's quick, innovative, and efficient adds to the value.

Tesla CyberTruck  

Tesla has 1.2Million pre-orders for the centrally designed cyber truck, a vehicle that looks like it's pulled right from the Video game cyberpunk 2077. This blade runner pickup truck is looking to redefine the category. It has more Hype than any other EV expected to start shipping in 2022, with Giga Texas almost complete and being early production test this month.  

The Verdict

With every significant automaker preparing to sell a wide range of fully electric vehicles in the next decade, the options to join the sustainable transportation transition are growing. We're making it convenient to own these new entries to the automotive world with our charging platform by bringing chagrin to people's homes.