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It's Time to Build a Better Charging Network

Date Created:
Sep 13, 2021
Date Last Updated:
Jun 28, 2022
Orange was created to build a charging network at multi-unit properties, after seeing firsthand how challenging owning an electric vehicle was without home charging access and living in an apartment.

In January The New York Times released an article explaining the problem with the current public charging networks being deployed around the world. The current focus is installing level 2 chargers in public locations where people normally only spend 30-40 minutes. This means most public chargers are underutilized. We found on average a public charger is only used 6% of the time, while  94% of charging is done at home by  88% of current electric vehicle owners.

While charging at home makes the most sense, we spend roughly nine hours at home daily; more than enough time to charge any electric vehicle, even with a slower charger.  The fact is, about 40 percent of Americans don’t live in single-family homes where they could have a personal charger.  It was clear that a solution was needed that aligned electric vehicle adoption with rental properties.

After six months of prototyping, testing, and lots of creativity, Orange Outlet, our frist product, has been created to bridge the gap between electric vehicle charging for multi-unit dwellings. New laws being passed around the world are going to make it easier to install electric vehicle charging for all multi-unit dwellings, so now is the perfect time to build out Orange's charging network.  

Considering fuel savings adding up to thousands per year, many tenants have shown a willingness to pay to install charging even when no simple solution exists.  We found that out of the 1000 people we surveyed over the last six months, 88% worried about charging and 45% of those same people would consider switching to an EV if they knew where they would charge it.

Survey Report

Here is one of our Online Survey Results. We are working on consolidating all 2000 responses into an excel sheet and creating a new blog post about the results.

So we set out to find a simple, cost-effective solution that would scale from duplex to the largest NYC high rise, that works just as well in the US as Europe, and be as convenient as possible for drivers while having full transparency for the property owners. This lead to the creation of Orange Outlet, our first product designed to work with all-electric vehicle mobile chargers.

Our 240V 20A capacity charger, for example, provides 11 mph for a Model 3, or 88 miles a night.  More than enough distance for 98% of the driver's commutes we surveyed. Our software manages the access control and payments all automatically so you can see the historical data showing how much energy your car used and what it cost you each month, or how much energy was used to charge on a property.  

We know many of you on this email thread are not the core customer we are targeting based on ~80% of you already being homeowners. What we would love at Orange is your help reaching more customers, showing more drivers they can confidently make the switch to an EV, so electric vehicles go from novel to mainstream. Feel free to share our brochure with anyone you think would benefit from our first product.  As ex-Tesla engineers, we are mission-driven to make it so that in the next decade ~90% of people can confidently drive fully electric. This transition would have a positive environmental impact on our planet and lead to longer, more fun lives.

Link To Brochure

If you are interested in installing Orange Chargers, please complete our pre-order form online.  Our pre-orders are only $100,  fully refundable, and hold your place in line for a  free quote to install Orange Outlets on your property.

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