Recharge with Orange, wherever you live.

Meet Orange Charger

Orange provides cost-effective electric vehicle charging solutions that manage payments for energy at multi-unit properties between drivers and owners.  Orange's platform simplifies electric vehicle charging by sharing access to outlets and chargers and managing user activity in a transparent app.  Our scalable, energy-monitoring chargers track energy costs and usage in real time for each user and reimburse owners for the electricity consumed.

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Better EV charging
for multi-unit properties

Orange cuts the time and cost required to build and manage effective charging infrastructure.

Easy Access to Electricity

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What Makes Orange Better

Orange's team has been constantly improving on the hardware and software technology that manages electric vehicle charging at multi-unit properties - from duplexes and high-rises to the Apple park, our solution makes it easy to offer EV charging.  It is our mission to create & empower more electric vehicle owners!


Charging services become simpler, faster, and more reliable at your property.

Future Proof

Orange’s solution works
with any electric car developed today as well as for the foreseeable future.


Our hardware and software  scale to fit your property. Buy one or hundreds of Outlets to provide charging to everyone.


Orange Outlet is a smart energy meter that tracks and manages the cost of electricity in real time.


Works with any electric car that can plug into a NEMA 5-20 or 6-20 outlet. This includes Tesla, Leaf, Bolt, etc.

Smart Grid Ready

Orange hardware is grid ready to help manage the increase demand of EV's. We've implemented the OCPP help future proof all hardware.

Manage Charge Sessions and Cost directly from your Phone

Enjoy full transparency and control of your energy use. Our smart system automatically tracks your usage, then charges users each month directly with a small Orange fee included to use the service. We then reimburse the cost of the electricity back to the property owner.
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Orange two cell phone mobile apps.