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EV Charging Platform

Orange Charger makes charging an electric vehicle simple, equitable, and scalable at any multi-unit property. Our system manages payments, tracks energy usage, and automates data reporting.

Orange Makes EV Charging Easy For  
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Property Managers

An affordable way to offer electric vehicle charging at any multi-unit property.

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EV Drivers

Orange Charger was created to make it so anyone can recharge wherever you live.

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Partners & Installers

Partner with Orange Charger to use our hardware and software platform to grow your business.

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We work with Utilities to make installing, managing, and scaling EV charging cleaner and less impactful on peak demand.

Managed Energy
Your complete solution for smart EV charging at any type of multi unit property.
Orange Charger provides cost-effective electric vehicle charging solutions at multi-unit properties. Our technology platform simplifies electric vehicle charging by reducing installation costs - whether a client is installing a single charger or thousands.
Our scalable, energy-monitoring chargers track energy costs to within 1% accuracy for each user. Owners are reimbursed for the electricity consumed based on current electricity prices. Orange’s solution reduces the time and cost required to build and manage an effective charging installation at any multi-unit property.

Orange Outlet

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Scan a QR Code to Download the Mobile App on Any Outlet! 

Orange Mobile App

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Quality hardware

Orange is a full-stack, engineer-first company. We combine in-house engineering expertise and partnerships with hardware companies to produce validated technology. Our Orange Chargers will be functional for decades to come.

The Outlet vs Charger

Most EV drivers already use Outlets to charge at home; we bring that concept to multi-unit properties. It's future-proof, affordable, and maintenance-free.

Orange Outlet

Easy to use mobile app

After dealing with other complex charging networks which often left us stranded, we created a straightforward mobile app to interact with Orange Charger's charging network.

QR Code Simplification

Starting a charging session is easy with Orange Charger. A user simply downloads our mobile app, and uses it to scan the QR code on the Charger.  Our mobile app provides transparency into pricing, session cost, energy usage. Soon, our mobile app will allow users to schedule charging sessions, which they can use to reduce electricity costs.

Downlaod App
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Capitalize on eMobility with EV Charging
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Stay Competitive

An affordable way to offer electric vehicle charging at any multi-unit property. Orange's advanced payment platform automatically manages transactions.

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Attract & Retain

Don’t miss out on the new wave of tech-savvy residents seeking to live in progressive, sustainable communities.

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Lead the change

The planet is going electric - be part of the solution. We can help you align sustainability initiatives with your business goals.

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Future Proof

Our products are designed to be maintenance-free and reduce operating costs. We work with every EV today and into the future.

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Our Payment Platform  

Orange Charger's software platform manages payment between drivers and property owners. Payments are transacted on a monthly basis, with energy usage costs & reimbursements determined by real time pricing. Therefore, our product allows drivers to pay the actual cost of electricity - no markup. The convenience of charging at home should be afforded to anyone who wants to drive a fully electric vehicle.
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Orange's Electric Vehicle User Cases

Installing electric vehicle charging is not a one size fits all solution, many types of builds require

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Multi Unit Apartments

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Condos HOA

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Airports + Transit Hubs

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