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Meet code requirements without jolting your schedule and budget
with Orange’s EV charging solutions.

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Why developers
love Orange.

Orange EV chargers are purpose-built for multifamily properties. Our Level 1 and Level 2 outlets and EVSE are future-proofed, scalable, and so affordable, you’ll want one for every parking spot.

Reliable, right-sized charging.

Suite of scalable charging solution.

Zero-maintenance, zero networking cost.

Usage-based pricing only. No recurring opex.

Effortlessly meet code requirements.

Balancing resident needs and regulatory requirements is not easy. Orange chargers meet all code requirements making it easy for property developers to install EV charging infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

Future-proofed and energy efficient.

With Orange, you can add more chargers for the same panel capacity. Combine that with our affordable, right-sized charging capabilities and your residents can juice up their vehicles overnight without having to share chargers.

Using low-power solutions seems to be the fastest, most affordable, and most scalable solution to get immediate charging access to where people live. So instead of putting one fast charger in, which is the default way, let’s put in 20, and at a much lower cost.

Phillip Kobernick

Head of Transportation Programs


Smart chargers at a smart price.

Orange outlets are affordable, reliable, and scalable. Install four orange outlets for the price of one standard EV charger without the need for expensive networking infrastructure upgrades.

Never lose an EV resident again.

Our flexible suite of charging solutions is perfect for any property. EVSE at the clubhouse? Level 2 outlets in the parking garage? Check. Check. Keep the buzz alive in your property with Orange chargers.

Scale up as you grow

Charge without the splurge.

Save thousands with our reliable, zero-maintenance outlets.

Traditional networked charger
Orange Outlets
Hardware Cost per unit
Wifi and Added Network Gear
Setup fees
Electrical permits & licenses
Annual Services Fees
Ongoing service fee
10% of revenue share
kWh based usage fee
Approx. yearly OPEX
Total installed cost

Future-proof your new