Orange for Electricians

Energy efficient and dead-simple to install.

Trusted by the best in the industry

Smart chargers at a smart price.

We designed Orange chargers to meet the energy needs of current and future EV drivers. Our EV charging solutions are highly affordable, scalable, and energy efficient.

Scalable and built to last.

Each outlet is rated to last over 10,000 cycles—plugging in and plugging out—and if it is cycled everyday, it will take 13 years before you might need to replace it.

Most standard chargers need significant maintenance or outright replacement in just 3-4 years.

The setup and commission of Orange chargers are painless and the repeatable process really streamlines deployments.

Mike McAuliffe

Project Manager

Weather-proof and reliable.

We re-engineered our chargers to be reliable and scalable. Install it as a pedestal or directly on the wall with a fully sealed NEMA 4-rated enclosure that protects in extreme weather conditions.

Smart hardware. Powerful software.

Orange brings together the power of smart hardware and powerful software to manage your property’s EV charging needs.

Install 4 orange outlets for the cost of 1 standard charger.

Future-proof and scalable.

Easy installation with white-glove service.

Zero setup fee, zero networking costs.

Smart charger.
Smarter cost.