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We purpose-built our chargers for EV residents in multifamily homes. Your tenants scan the QR code from our charger, download the app, and start charging. It’s that simple.

Hassle-free EV charging that tenants

Transparent pricing

Property owners set energy prices upfront and tenants see the current price before their charge session begins.

Charge offline

Once your tenants download the app, they do not need WiFi or cell signal to start and stop their charge sessions.

Complete charge management

Track each session and store receipts and charge session data for up to 3 years.

How it works

How to start charging

At Orange we care deeply about your drivers' experience

We support drivers through their onboarding process so your property manager is not inundated with questions and requests.

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Asked Questions

How do I let my residents know we've installed Orange chargers?

Orange can provide you with information to email and share with your residents when they move in. You can also hire Orange Customer Success to host an on-site event at any property where we educate residents on EV charging and ways to use incentives to buy an EV. With so much change in the rapid adoption of sustainable transportation, having a partner like Orange will help more of your residents live a conveniently sustainable lifestyle.

Do my drivers need an adapter to use your Outlets?

Most EVs today come with a mobile adapter that works directly with the Orange Level 1 Outlet. Some EVs will also come with a mobile adapter that allows them to use the Orange Level 2 Outlet. In the event a driver does not have a mobile adapter, or their brand vehicle does not have the ability to swap adapters, Orange provides cost-effective mobile connectors available for purchase from the Orange Store.

How do I manage access control and who can use which Orange chargers?

Orange gives you the flexibility to select the right access for your property: public, which means everyone with the Orange app can charge; semi-private, which means only your tenants (granted via their email address) can charge; private means a charger is assigned to a specific profile and can only be used by them. All of this is managed through your Orange Dashboard.

How often do I get paid by Orange?

Orange does billing on a monthly cycle both to charge drivers for the energy they’ve used, as well as providing a statement to the property and corresponding transaction with the account that was setup as part of the property onboarding.

How does usage based pricing work?

Say goodbye to recurring monthly bills and fixed fees with Orange. Orange is a usage based revenue model only. Your residents are charged only when they charge their EVs. Orange charges a kWh fee to your baseline electricity cost. We will also help you set the price that’s right for your property with any desired markups.

How do I set up my banking information for monthly payments?

You will need to tell the Orange Admin Team who in your finance organization will get an invite to input your banking information for the property or organization through the secure Orange portal. Contact Us.

What hardware do you recommend to install Orange outlets?

We recommend you install Orange outlets with a plastic (not metal) double-gang back-box that is available at any hardware store.  See our approved hardware list.

What covers can I use with Orange outlets?

While Orange outlets are designed to work in outdoor applications, (UL Intertek Listing) if you desire or are required to install a weather cover, See our approved hardware list.

How do I install Orange outlets?

Orange outlets are very simple to install. Any certified electrician can install them. It installs like any standard outlet in any 2-gang box. First, turn off the circuit breaker, then attach the leads from the Orange outlet to the corresponding colored leads that go to the breaker with the included Wago connectors or appropriately sized wire nuts. Finally, screw the outlet into the double-gang back-box, and turn the circuit breaker on. After a few minutes the outlet will come online. Check out our full install manual.

See why tenants love using our mobile app

I love the ability to automate payments, before Orange I was months behind manually tracking EV drivers owed.


Apartment Community Owner

Orange made it easy to bring charging to my apartment communities by managing PCE's incentives and installs so our properties are more competitive.


Real Estate Investor

Orange has made it easy for me to drive more electric miles with my hybrid and simply pay the HOA for the energy.


HOA Owner

I love the ability to automate payments, before Orange I was months behind manually tracking EV drivers owed.


Apartment Community Owner

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