Orange specializes in bringing EV charging solutions to multifamily housing. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has affordable and equitable access to EV charging, regardless of where they live. While ensuring properties gain a competitive return the investment of installing Orange.

“Orange’s low-cost EV charging solution for apartment communities solves a major problem for widespread and equitable EV adoption."

Marc Tarpenning, Co-founder of Tesla Motors

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Our Story

Founded in 2020 by Nicholas Johnson, Orange offers customers an affordable and scalable way to bring EV charging capabilities to their residents by leveraging lower-powered charging outlets that reduce total costs by upwards of 70% compared to traditional charging solutions. The company’s innovative approach allows the millions of Americans living in multi-family housing access to affordable charging.

Branding Guidance

The official name of the company is Orange. Not Orange Charger or Orange Outlet, these are merely products of the company.

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Please find a selection of approved photos of some of our installs, screenshots of our app, as well as slides about our products and offering below

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