Orange for Asset Managers

Attract and retain the tenants you want.

Trusted by the best in the industry

No opex fees.

With Orange, you can add more chargers with the same panel capacity without adding to your operating costs.

We tracks and charge each driver's utilization and automatically reimburse your property at the end of the month.

Our chargers have zero maintenance cost and zero networking costs, too. This reduces your payback period, making you ROI positive faster than other solutions.

One-stop shop for EV chargers.

Your tenants will be happy with our flexible suite of charging solutions. EVSE at the club house? Level 2 outlets in the parking garage? Check. Check. Level 1 charger for the light driver? Check. Orange has your needs covered.

Future-proof and scalable.

We designed Orange chargers to meet the energy needs of current and future EV drivers. Our outlets solve for over 98% of drivers' commutes. Our EV charging solutions are highly affordable and scalable, and energy efficient.

Smart hardware. Powerful software.

Orange brings together the power of smart hardware and powerful software to manage your property’s EV charging needs.

Install 4 orange outlets for the cost of 1 standard charger.

Future-proof and scalable.

Easy installation with white-glove service.

Zero setup fee, zero networking costs.

Smart charger.
Smarter cost.