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Buzzworthy EV chargers that retrofit your properties without breaking the bank.

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Why property owners love Orange.

Orange EV chargers are purpose-built for multifamily properties. Our Level 1, Level 2 outlets and EVSE are future-proofed, scalable, and so affordable, you’ll want one for every parking spot.

Reliable, right-sized charging.

Suite of scalable charging solution.

Zero-maintenance, zero networking cost.

Usage-based pricing only. No recurring opex.

Future-proofed across your portfolio.

With Orange, you can add more chargers for the same panel capacity. Combine that with affordable, right-sized charging that scales easily, and you can cover the EV charging needs of your entire portfolio for a third of the cost of standard chargers.

Pay only when you power up.

Rev up your savings with Orange’s usage-based pricing model. No pesky per-charger recurring fees. Your residents only pay when they charge their vehicles.

After installing Orange chargers, my apartments are renting faster. My residents really love having a dedicated charger

Brendan Aiello

Owner, Tyron Properties


Smart chargers at a smart price.

Orange outlets are affordable, reliable, and scalable. Install four orange outlets for the price of one standard EV charger without the need for expensive networking infrastructure upgrades.

Zero-maintenance, zero downtime.

No more complaints from residents that your EV chargers are down. Orange outlets are as reliable as they come. With zero maintenance and no annoying maintenance contracts, keep your residents charged up and happy!

ROI Calculator

See how quickly Orange becomes profitable for you!

With minimal upfront cost, zero maintenance contracts, and zero commissioning fees, Orange chargers truly scale with your EV charging needs.

Plus, our usage-based fee structure allows property owners to get to profitability faster than any other EV charger.

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