Smart hardware, powerful software.

Combine our outlets with OrangeOS to get the perfect combination of hardware and software to manage your property’s EV charging needs.

Effortless energy management

Set Energy Costs

OrangeOS enables you to set energy prices to maximize charger utilization.  

Access Control

Control and manage access to chargers by creating private and public groups.

Payment Platform

We manage all the payment processing for your property so you don't have to.

Reporting and Data

Get insight into utilization by property and the entire portfolio.

Manage all your properties in one place.

OrangeOS makes it easy for you to see all your properties and their EV usage patterns, trends, and energy cost in one place. Drill down into individual properties, even individual chargers, for a detailed breakdown.

Automated usage-based payments.

Orange tracks and charges each driver's utilization on your property automatically, reimbursing your property at the end of the month.

Control and manage access to chargers.

OrangeOS enables you to create public, private, and semi-private groups to control access of the chargers on your property. You can also set different pricing for different groups to manage your charger usage.

Zero setup fees.

Zero networking, setup, or service fees. Our hardware and software works together seamlessly to help you manage all your properties EV charging needs.

ROI Calculator

See how quickly Orange becomes profitable for you!

With minimal upfront cost, zero maintenance contracts, and zero commissioning fees, Orange chargers truly scale with your EV charging needs. Plus, our usage-based fee structure allows property owners to get to profitability faster than any other EV charger.


Median energy cost surcharge used by property owners


For 20 chargers


Years to profit

We have many chargers installed, and there is never an issue of drivers waiting to charge. I love the convenience and that I can schedule charging when the price is favorable.

John Kennedy

Ferrari Property Management

After installing Orange chargers, my apartments are renting faster. My residents really love having a dedicated charger.

Brendan Aiello

Tyron Properties

Once it's installed, it works seamlessly and automatically. Orange's simplicity sold us.

Peter Johnson

Partner New Growth Living

Hanging EV technology on the wall is a massive capital cost. From a cost standpoint, Orange can't be beat. It's a low-risk investment.

Steve Boyack

COO, JVM Realty.

Using low-power solutions seems to be the fastest, most affordable, and most scalable solution to get immediate charging access to where people live. So instead of putting one fast charger in, which is the default way, let’s put in 20, and at a much lower cost.

Phillip Kobernick

Head of transportation programs

Reliable, zero-maintenance, easy-to-install EV charger that’s even easier to manage.