Orange for Developers

Meet code without blowing up your budget.

Trusted by the best in the industry

Future-proof and scalable.

We designed Orange chargers to meet the energy needs of current and future EV drivers. Our EV charging solutions are highly affordable, scalable, and energy efficient.

Forget about paying recurring fees per charger. We only charge you a usage based fee when your chargers are being used. It’s that simple.

One-stop shop for EV chargers.

Your tenants will be happy with our flexible suite of charging solutions. EVSE at the club house? Level 2 outlets in the parking garage? Check. Check. Level 1 charger for the light driver? Check. Orange has your needs covered.

Beauty and brains.

Our sleek-looking Orange outlets blend seamlessly into any space. They can juice up your EV with ~180 miles overnight and the OrangeOS automatically manages payments between the property owners and the drivers.

Once it's installed, it works seamlessly and automatically. Orange's simplicity sold us.

Peter Johnson

Partner New Growth Living

Efficient and effortless.

Add more chargers with the same panel capacity so more residents can charge their vehicles overnight.

OrangeOS enables you to set energy prices to maximize charger utilization and we manage all the payment processing for your property so you don't have to.

Smart hardware. Powerful software.

Orange brings together the power of smart hardware and powerful software to manage your property’s EV charging needs.

Install 4 orange outlets for the cost of 1 standard charger.

Future-proof and scalable.

Easy installation with white-glove service.

Zero setup fee, zero networking costs.

Smart charger.
Smarter cost.