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Level 1 Outlet


Level 1 outlets are perfect for that slow and steady charge that works for 98% of your driving needs.  The average American drives 30-40 miles each day*, and they want to charge their vehicles like they charge their phone —overnight while they sleep. In eight to ten hours a Level 1 charger will add about 60 miles range, depending on your vehicle.

Orange Level 1 Outlet is a smart outlet with an integrated energy meter to track individual charging sessions. OrangeOS automatically manages the payment between the property owners and the drivers.

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120V, 2.4 kW

NEMA 520 socket

Bluetooth connectivity

OrangeNet enabled

~60 miles added overnight

5 miles of range / hour of charge*

OrangeOS compatible

Outlets so easy to install, you'll want one for every tenant.

Reliable, steady charging.

Orange Level 1 outlets are perfect for charging your vehicle overnight, just like you charge your phone. Tenants plug it in when they get home and our Level 1 charger can add up to ~60 miles overnight, depending on the vehicle.

Right-sized charge at the right price.

Level 1 chargers are at least half the installation cost of Level 2 chargers. Level 1 uses 12 or 10-gauge wire that cost three times less per foot than standard 40amp installs. This makes installation 60% less expensive than Level 2 chargers.

Lower power, more outlets.

Level 1 charging also brings with it the flexibility of lower power consumption, meaning more chargers can be installed without the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades.

Cars, e-bikes, skateboards, and more.

Level 1 charging stations are the only true universal charging option. From EVs to e-bikes to golf carts you can charge them with a Level 1 charger.

Always connected. No WiFi or cell signal to charge.

With OrangeNet you don’t need to add repeaters and spend more on networking. Each device builds its own network making installation faster, more secure, and works underground parking garages.  

Orange uses bluetooth to manage sessions so drivers don't need WiFi or cell signal to use Orange chargers.

The complete EV charging solution.

Setup, charge, manage, bill.

You install Orange outlets in your property and set energy rates with OrangeOS.


Your tenants download the Orange mobile app and charge their EVs.


You track, report and manage EV charging across all your properties with OrangeOS.


Orange automatically chargers residents and reimburses the landlord.


Tech Specification

Electric Specification
NEMA Configuration
NEMA 520
Voltage (Voltage AC)
Frequency (Hz)
50 to 60Hz
Max Current (A)
Peak Overcurrent (A)
25 (1000ms)
Over Voltage (Voltage AC)
Temperature range
Operating Environment: -20°C to 50°C
0-90% relative humidity
Polycarbonate, UL-94 V-0 Flame Rating
Max Wattage (kWh)
Wire Gauge (AWG / mm2)
12/2.05 under 400ft or 10/2.59 over 400ft
Agency Approvals
3 years manufacturing warranty
Bluetooth Connectivity
125.5 x 125.5 x 37 mm (5.75 x 5.75 x 1.25 in) (LxWxH)

Budget friendly charge for
every parking spot.