Finally, an EV charger
that makes both tenants
and owners happy.

Trusted by the best in the industry

Current EV charging solutions don’t work for multifamily properties.

High capital cost

Hardware cost, permits, installation, and service fees for one traditional charger is ~$7k.

Network problems

Most chargers rely on a cell signal or WiFi to start charge session adding to networking infrastructure cost.


Cables tend to break frequently adding to maintenance cost.

Inefficient Energy Use

Public-style charger use energy poorly for your panel capacity.


Reliable, right-sized charging.

One outlet for every resident

Your tenants never have to get up in the middle of the night to move their car so someone else can charge.

Stress-free overnight EV charging

We charge mobile phones overnight, why not EVs? With a level 2 outlet a car can charge up to 40 miles in just three hours, and up to 150 miles overnight.

4x more outlets at the same price

Orange outlets start at $600 an outlet. Install four or more Orange chargers for the price of a standard level 2 charging station.


Zero networking cost. Always connected.

Bluetooth connection. No WiFi or cell signal is needed to charge.

Orange’s proprietary mesh technology lets you charge in garages without WiFi or cell signal without any extra networking costs.

120V and 240V outlets installable by any electrician

Our 120V and 240V outlets can be installed by any certified electrician.


We re-engineered the charger to be safe, effective, and radically simple. There are no maintenance contracts and you don’t need cell signal or WiFi to start charging.


A complete EV charging solution.

Mobile app for tenants and landlords

Tenants use the mobile app to charge their EVs while landlords use the same app to set prices and track charging sessions across all their properties.

Automated payments, billing, and reimbursements

We manage all the payment processing for your property so you don't have to.

Manage EV charging at all properties in one place

Orange OS tracks, reports, invoices, and manages EV charging across all your properties.

We have many chargers installed, and there is never an issue of drivers waiting to charge. I love the convenience and that I can schedule charging when the price is favorable.

John Kennedy

Ferrari Property Management

After installing Orange chargers, my apartments are renting faster. My residents really love having a dedicated charger.

Brendan Aiello

Tyron Properties

Once it's installed, it works seamlessly and automatically. Orange's simplicity sold us.

Peter Johnson

Partner New Growth Living

Hanging EV technology on the wall is a massive capital cost. From a cost standpoint, Orange can't be beat. It's a low-risk investment.

Steve Boyack

COO, JVM Realty.

Using low-power solutions seems to be the fastest, most affordable, and most scalable solution to get immediate charging access to where people live. So instead of putting one fast charger in, which is the default way, let’s put in 20, and at a much lower cost.

Phillip Kobernick

Head of transportation programs

Smart charger.
Smarter cost.