Big Changes to OrangeOS

Volker Schönefeld
August 2, 2023

OrangeOS is our proprietary back end operating system that allows customers to manage hundreds of charging stations across multiple properties with ease. However, we know that nothing is perfect and strive to make our platform better everyday. Whether adding or removing new features, bringing in more connection options, or just making things more visual and easy-to-see we are always striving to make OrangeOS the premier EVSE management platform. With that said, we are proud to announce a slew of new, powerful updates that we've had slowly rolled out over last month designed to make our already best-in-class platform even better.

Per Session Receipts have been removed

Per-Session receipts, have been removed again as we shave added new support for Stripe payments (see below). These were found on the Admin Dasboard and in our backend system however they are no longer needed. All the relevent information that was contained here has now been move to the Stripe payment system.

Stripe Payment Changes

OrangeOS now has auto-approval flags in the stripe customer settings

  • Payment Processing and Auto Approval are now triggered manually instead of automatic, to give us more high-level control.
  • Payment creation/gathering still runs automatically at the beginning of the month, but can be recomputed on demand if there was an issue, before approval.
  • Fixed an issue where manually transitioning a stripe payment would show a React error (red screen overlay)
  • Logging of Stripe payment processing on GCP has been vastly improved
  • Stripe invoices now contain additional information as needed for CDFA. The top contains billing metadata, the bottom contains a footer with additional information.

Organization & Properties

  • The “Create” and “Transfer” buttons are back on the organization properties page
  • They let users directly create a property under an organization, or transfer an existing organization to a property

Session Energy Rates

  • Energy Rates (Driver totals) are now visible on the Session page (currently only on the Admin dashboard)

Monitoring Updates

  • Our InfluxDB instance now stores data indefinitely (starting 7/13)
  • Database statistics (query counts, latency, error rate) are also now available on Grafana

Organization Settings

  • Organization admins can now disable write access to billing info for anyone but accountant roles

Organization Member

  • Organization Admins can now invite member, and manage member roles

Added limited roles

  • Contributors now can’t see payments or billing info (only pricing info, devices, sessions and the driver access control)
  • Accountants can see and edit the billing info, edit the pricing info, but are not able to change the access control or device annotations

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