Luxury Apartments - Queens, NYC, NY

Joseph Nagle
October 18, 2023


This 1,194-unit property had previously engaged with an EV charging competitor to install twenty 40A Level 2 charging stations to service the entire property. As EV adoption in New York state still represents less than 0.5% of the total vehicles on the market this solution was deemed reasonable by the competitor and the property developer. However, before work was started on the project the developer learned about Orange Charger’s unique socket-based solution and was intrigued at the prospect of saving upwards of 70% on the total cost of ownership while also being able to serve the needs of over 99% of the EV-driving public.


Orange presented the solution to the developer and showed that not only could the property save thousands on the installation cost but they could do so while adding double the number of charging stations to the site without needing to increase the electrical load or add any additional panels. 

Orange is also actively working with the developer on an upgrade plan if and when the property reaches more than 40 EV drivers. This solution not only allows the property to easily service the current demand for EV charging but also will set them up for success in the future.


By working with Orange the property was able to add twice the number of EV charging stations to the property versus the competitor (20 units vs. 40 units) while also saving more than $70k on all installation costs, nearly 80% lower than their original stated budget. 

Now the building is able to service twice the number of residents which will allow them to avoid any new infrastructure additions and are able to re-allocate the savings towards other aspects of the project. This gave the property owners significant budgetary flexibility at a time when interest costs were rising and relief wasn’t readily available.

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