100-unit Apartment Project in Mebane, NC

Joseph Nagle
November 7, 2023


This 100-unit property was working with an EV charging competitor and specified ten 40A Level 2 charging stations to service the entire property. Due to budgetary concerns, the developer was open to looking at alternatives that might be able to reduce their overall costs but still be able to satisfy resident's needs well into the future as the owner did not want to revisit this issue. After learning about Orange Charger’s low-power charging outlets they decided to change course and solve their charging needs permanently. 


Orange shared their solution with the developer and showed that not only could the property save on the installation cost but could solve their charging needs completely. Due to Orange's cost of equipment and the ongoing fee structure (properties do not pay for equipment that goes unused),  the developer realized they could easily outfit all 52 garages on-site with an Orange Outlet as well as cover the other 48 additional spaces in common areas that also serve as curbside charging for public use at nearly the same cost as 10 of the competitor's units.


Working with Orange changed the property's view on adding charging stations and allowed them to resolve this issue once and for all. Instead of adding only 10 stations that would surely need to be added to over time, they chose to outfit the entire property with EV charging stations powered by Orange. 

With Orange Charger this property can charge 100 electric vehicles simultaneously and will now scale with ease into the future effectively solving all their charging issues for the lifetime of the property.

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