[NEWSLETTER] 10,000 Cycles and Counting

Joseph Nagle
April 3, 2023

Orange Outlets are designed to be a lot of things: affordable, equitable, profitable, scaleable, just to name a few. One of the biggest things that we wanted with our outlets was also durability. Too often we've seen charging stations that have been installed but no longer work after only a few years. This creates an extremely bad user experience and one that left unchanged would surely doom EV charging within the multifamily space. If property owners are consistently being asked to not only foot the bill on expensive EV charging stations but also pour in even more funds to maintaing them after only a handful of years they'll eventually get fed up and stop installing them altogether.

Orange is different. We want our outlets to last as long as your building does and thats why we've designed, bulit, and tested them to last over 10,000 cycles and 12.5 pounds of force. This means that if they're used once per day, everyday they will last about 13 years before the contacts in the station start to fail and thats under fairly exhaustive conditions. In all liklihood they'll last much longer than that, meaning once you install your Orange Outlets, you'll never have to worry about them again as outr outlets also carry very little maintenance costs.

For all intents and purposes, Orange Outlets are the complete charging solution for apartments and condos. They install for upwards of 70% less, can generate an average of 150% ROI, have a payback period of fewer than 7 years, can install in almost any situation (garage, carport, outdoor lot, etc.), take up virtually no wall space, and will last AT LEAST a decade! 

We realize that this is tooting our own horn but the fact is Orange has finally solved EV charging in apartments, and if you're looking to add charging to any of your properties reach out to us, we can help.

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