[Newsletter]Low Maintenance? Try No Maintenance!

Joseph Nagle
December 13, 2022

EV charging in multi-family communities is already difficult, but when EV chargers need maintenance it becomes a major liability for the property. 

With most charging companies costs are already fairly high (although not with Orange), and when something goes wrong that only makes costs go up that much higher. Recently many headlines have shown that EV chargers get abused and vandalized which can takes weeks to repair and thousands in added costs. Due to the fact that most EV charging systems are complex and leverage a high amount of power, properties need to purchase replacement parts but also need to hire an electrician to make sure things work properly and are set up safely.

Orange sought to make EV charging easy and affordable by lessening ALL costs and that includes maintenance. By completely rethinking what a charger should look like and creating the Orange Outlet. This simple outlet not only installs for 60% less than traditional charging solutions but essentially eliminates maintenance altogether.

How? By simplifying our product down to the bare essentials.

We removed the single largest failure point on a charging station, the charging cable. This cable is often abused and vandalized which often creates a necessity to replace it every few years. Which means property owners must find time to book a electrician, find out what's wrong, wait for parts, then wait for the electrician to fix it, all while residents impatiently wait for a fix they need to charge their vehicles.

Orange realized that most EVs today come standard with their own mobile charging cables, making the charging cable on the station slightly redundant. Instead, we provide access to power and the EV drivers use their already-owned charging cable. If something should happen to these cables the property will still have the same access to power it always did and EV drivers must simply purchase a new cable. Doing this also removes the need to have an electrician come out to the property which also saves even more time and money. 

Beyond removing the charging cable, Orange also made our outlets incredibly durable and are able to run through more than 10,000 cycles (more than a decade!) giving the property the piece of mind that these will last for the long-haul. Additionally, if something should happen to these outlets they are incredibly simple to replace. If you can replace a household outlet you can replace an Orange Outlet too.

Orange wanted to make charging a hassle-free endeavor and with the Orange Outlet, we’ve done just that.

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