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Orange brings EV charging to apartments easily and affordably. Our outlets install for 70% less than our competitors, with automatic billing and reimbursement features built-in.

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Your Cheat Sheet to EV Charging at an HOA

We realize that bringing EV charging to your HOA-controlled property can be difficult and confusing. Thats why we created this all-in-one cheatsheet that will help expedite the process and get your property EV charging as soon as possible.

HOA Cheat Sheet

The Orange Advantage

Automatic Billing & Reimbursement

Orange outlets have commercial-grade metering built-in, all energy is accurately tracked and attributed

Connectivity &
Access Control

Orange outlets use QR codes to link charge sessions with individual users and our outlets install anywhere you need them.

Affordable & Scaleable

Leveraging lower-powered solutions means buildings can add up to 10x the number of stations.

Lowest Possible Cost

Orange was designed to keep all costs to a minimum, we can save you upwards of 70% on your installation by going with Orange.

Upfront Costs:

$400/outlet + installation (varies by property)

Software & Network Costs:

$20/outlet/month + 5% surcharge on energy markup

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Orange Outlet Technical Specifications

Orange produces two variants, offering different power and connectivity options.

Front of Orange NEMA 520 120V Outlet Studio Photo

Orange 520

Standard Voltage
120 Volts
Active Energy
1.92 kWh
Continuous Current
16 Amps
Miles Added Per Hour
5 mph*
Connectivity Options
Cellular or WiFi
Local Network Capability
Bluetooth Mesh Between Outlets
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Front of NEMA 620 Orange Outlet 20V studio photo

Orange 620

Standard Voltage
240 Volts
Active Energy
3.84 kWh
Continuous Current
16 Amps
Miles Added Per Hour
15 mph*
Connectivity Options
Cellular or WiFi
Local Network Capability
Bluetooth Mesh Between Outlets
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*Based long range Tesla Model 3 charge rates

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Where can I find an electrician to install?
We recommend searching home advisor, yelp, or angi's list to source a good electrician.
How does the HOA recoup its costs?
Orange provides a way for HOA's to recoup its costs by allowing them to mark up the cost of electricity. By doing this we see most properties achieve a payback period in less than 7 years.
I've already done my homework, can I just buy an outlet or do we need to chat?
We understand your time is valuable and thats why we don't want to waste it. If you are ready to go, you can simply purchase your outlets from our store.
Can someone 'steal' my charge session?
No, once a charging cable has been unplugged the current session stops. If a person then plug's in they must scan the QR and start a new session, which will be tied to their account not yours.
How does billing work?
The resident will pay Orange directly through our app for each individual session. At the end of each month the HOA receives an invoice and will be reimbursed for the total energy used that month.
Do you have a presentation I can download?
Yes we provide a full presentation that you may share at any time by going to this page.
What will it cost to install?
Unfortunately we wont know that until an electrician gets on site to quote your property and space. Installs vary depending on: distance from the electrical panel, indoor vs. outdoor, and power capacity just to name a few.
I want the Orange 620 but don't own the correct charging cable, what are my options?
We've got you covered, we have built a quick list of trusted adapters and universal chargers you can purchase here.
Can multiple users be on the same station?
Yes, we do allow for this however, we don't recommend sharing stations as this sometimes becomes a hassle, but we also recognize that in some cases this is not possible.
Can I see how much my current bill is?
Yes, our mobile app allows users to view their current charge session in real-time, as well as view all previous sessions. These include the energy used and the amount the resident is being billed for.
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