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Pay for electricity, setup Orange devices, manages payments, track energy cost, and more. By simply scanning an Orange QR code you can start using Orange's growing network of chargers at your property.

* Both mobile apps are in beta testing. We expect to release production version in a few months. Please report any bugs or  improvement suggestions to

Access or Provide Affordable Energy for eMobility Anywhere People Thrive Effortlessly

The future of transportation is electric, with climate change, new policy, strict building codes, and every automaker committing to electric transportation it's the future! Even with all new technology, there are few solutions for charging at Multi-Family properties that are both affordable, scalable, and effortless. Orange's Charging Platform was designed to make managing and charging easier than ever.

Add we are just getting started...

Real Time
Charge Session Data

Want to know how much you are paying for energy, or just want to end a charge session remotely. Our mobile app makes that only a few swipes away.

Our mobile app was designed to start, manage, and track each session. This enables you to generate reports, track spending, and get the best-price for energy.

Payment Platform

We are the only charging solution that uses real-time retail energy prices* to correctly track your energy consumption. We add 5¢ times the total kWh you consume each month to make all this magic possible. Instead of properties fictitiously setting fixed prices we have dynamic pricing models and pass the saving directly onto you.

* We sync with most major energy companies on the West Coast and are working to add more as we expand our utility pricing coverage. In places where this methodology isn't yet legal, we setup a time of use price that match the energy cost. 

Complete Transparency

You can view all your charge session data and monthly statements for up to 3 years from the mobile app. Our payment platform is about making it easy to see how much you spend on electricity each day, month, and year.

Did you know that switching to an electric vehicle might save you $1000+ on fuel cost alone? If you include no oil changes,  lower maintenance, and the cost of electricity you could be saving significantly by switching to an EV, all while helping reduce your impact on climate change.

Property & Device
Management Simplified

We know many multi-family properties are owned by investors, trust, and run by property manages. Our software was designed to automate the tracking and collection of energy cost for any multi-unit property type. We let you easily set up charging hardware, manage user, grant employee access, generate reports, and track costs all from your smartphone.

* We are also building a Web Portal if that is easier for your organization. 

Properties get Reimbursed Monthly

Each month we calculate the total energy used on your Orange Network and charge the drivers for what they used. We then initiate a Bank transfer automatically for the total cost of electricity on your properties.

We require no staff reading energy meters, tracking month-to-month energy usage, and using some average or theoretical energy cost for an EV driver to add to their rent payments.

We make sure you get money back and save you money by automating the process. You can thank us by sending gifts to Orange HQ, or just installing more chargers. 

Don't have hardware yet to use that app? 
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