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[Newsletter] EV Charging Simplified

Date Created:
Oct 28, 2022
Date Last Updated:
Orange was designed to be the simplest EV charging product on the market, not just to make it easy to use but also easy to own and maintain. Keeping things simple means lower costs to install and almost no cost to maintain, making Orange the easiest charging station to manage at any property.
Orange 520 Outlet was designed to keep things simple

Orange was designed with simplicity in mind. 

When we sat out to solve EV charging for multi-family communities we knew that we had to keep things as simple as possible to ensure that not only was the charger easy to use, but also easy to own and maintain. Often times we see the opposite, complex systems that add cost but do little to solve the core problems with EV charging in apartments and condos. 

We want our charging process to be forgettable, something so mundane that users barely need to think about it because it just simply works. When someone uses Orange they plug in, scan the QR code, and start charging, that's it. At the end of each charge session, users see how much energy they consumed and how much they’ve been billed. In all, they’ll spend less than 5 minutes at the actual charging station so they can get back to what's most important, their lives.

By making our product a simple outlet, we also cut down tremendously on our costs, making it the most affordable vehicle charger on the market. The Orange 520 and 620 outlet's all-in costs are up to 70% less than any competitor. Allowing buildings to add a much-needed amenity to their properties without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, we removed the main failure point on the charging station, the charging cable. On the surface, this doesn't seem like much of a change, however, by doing this we made the Orange Outlet essentially maintenance-free. Adding yet another layer of affordability to our outlets, giving properties far more flexibility in their budgets. 

When properties install Orange Outlets they can feel confident that those stations will last for more than 10 years (Our outlets are rated for 10,000 cycles). The best part is in the event that something does happen, replacing Orange Outlets is as easy as replacing any other outlet and requires very little time or capital to do so. Orange was designed so you could simply live your life and never worry about charging.