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[Newsletter] The Most Affordable EV Charging Station

Date Created:
Nov 1, 2022
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Affordability has been a constant thorn when it comes to EV chargers, many people in apartments and condos want to own an EV but often find that getting charging in their buildings is too expensive, leaving them with few options. However, what if we made charging as affordable as possible?

Affordability has been a constant thorn when it comes to EV chargers. While many in multi-family communities want to own an EV, getting access to charging has often proven difficult. Not solely due to power capacity limitations but also due to the high costs associated with electric vehicle charging. However, what if we could make access to charging easy and affordable?

That’s what makes the Orange Outlet so compelling, as it was designed to keep all costs to a minimum without sacrificing build quality or features. 

To start, each Orange Outlet retails for just $350, often times this more than half the cost of other networked charging stations. That might make you think it's feature-light, but, you’d be wrong. Orange Outlets have built-in wifi, Bluetooth, and cellular connectivity, and communicate freely with each other and our network to provide the best charging experience possible. Beyond that, they create a self-healing wireless mesh network that ensures stations are always connected and keep a 99.99% up time. Lastly, our stations can take a beating and keep on going lasting well over 10,000 cycles. This equates to over 10 years of usage before it may need to be replaced.

We didn’t stop there though, Orange was designed to be affordable with or without government incentives. That’s why we also wanted total install costs to be the lowest in the industry. Today Orange installs for upwards of 70% less than any other competitor and due to its simplicity has nearly no ongoing maintenance costs. So regardless of incentives any property can bring affordable charging on-site.